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Technical Support
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AMT Customer Support    Interactive call registration and case operation system
(for registered users).

Using the Web-based interface of this system you can :
-  register a new service call for technical support,
-  communicate with expert in scope of your service call (case),
-  attach the additional comments and files to the case,
-  check the status and history of the cases,
-  analyze the statistics of resolved incidents and problems,
-  verify the specification and expiration dates of your service contracts.

Recommended web-browser :
-  MS Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher,
-  Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or higher.
Telephony Support   
Moscow, all Russia
and foreign countries:
St-Petersburg: Krasnodar:
+7 495 725-7667
+7 495 725-7663 fax
+7 812 579-3549 +7 861 251-6817
Email Addresses:   
  For clients with service contract (registered): Automatic registration of the service call will be performed only if the following key fields will be found in the beginning of the Email body:
CustomerID: <client number>
Priority: <priority level>

If the CustomerID field in the message is absent or filled out incorrectly, the call will be automatically declined.
Consulting without service contract: Calls to this Email does not register, response does not guarantee.  

We strive to strictly observe the terms of service level agreement and hope that you will have no need to resort to these measures.
However, in case of delay in registration of your service call, the response time of the engineer or any other violation of service conditions, we ask you to contact the duty manager of the Customer Support Center with any of the following ways:
Call any of the phones listed in the Telephony Support section and ask to switch to the duty manager  
Send an abuse report to the  
Phone:(495) 725 7660